Inspired by passion, Zeal Quartz unites innovative design with exceptional performance.


ZEAL presents itself when the heart is open. Passion drives the human soul toward greatness, it flows through everything from acts of kindness to music, storytelling, art, and adventure. Zeal Quartz proudly presents our color series celebrating humankind’s collective search for true ZEAL.

Passion surrounds us and resides in everything we strive for, reach for, and accomplish. Mankind´s great achievements have been fulfilled by those who raised their zeal to the extreme. Enthusiasm is the engine that powers the world to endeavor to gain what we love and dream. Enthusiasm feeds sensations, which blending among themselves inspire us to gain even more extraordinary goals and results.
Reproducing what nature does is an ideal method to obtain our goals because anything beautiful, perfect and exceptional needs dedication and commitment. Through the ages, nature has patiently and carefully sculpted the most beautiful forms, patterns and colors ever imagined. Human beings making an effort to be the mirror of Mother Nature, work with passion and zeal to capture and create the most beautiful pieces, the most beautiful materials.

ZEAL appears when your heart is open.
Passion flows unhindered through the cosmos and drives human souls to greatness; from acts of love and kindness, to others such as music, literature, art or adventure.

Proudly, ZEAL Quartz presents a range of colors and patterns honoring the collective search to find true ZEAL. With six innovative series called PEACE, SCRIBE, SOUND, EXPLORER, ACTIVITY and PRESERVATION, ZEAL Quartz fuses the uncommon performance of a quartz surface with  hypnotic design inspired in passion and emotion, in the same manner nature has brilliantly done in all her work.

ZEAL Quartz we are proud of our work and document the process with photos. Choose from our individual galleries below for detailed images of our products.